Joseph Wright

 One of Derby’s Favorite Son’s The latest in the long line of Derby’s blue plaque is being awarded to Joseph Wright, in a joint celebration with the astronomer John Flamsteed, at the site of the old clockworks at 28 Queen Street, where they both lived at one point during their lives. In the case of … Read More

John Flamsteed

The First Astronomer Royal As part of Derby Council’s ongoing scheme to recognize key historical figures from the city’s past, a blue plaque is being placed on the old clockworks at 28 Queen Street – the one time home of two important Derby residents. The first of these was John Flamsteed, who inherited the house … Read More

John Whitehurst

Not Just a Clockmaker John Whitehurst, born April 10th 1713 was born and raised in Congleton, Cheshire; however, he is seen by many as a son of Derby because of the fourty-four years he spent in the city during his adulthood and his illustrious career as a clockmaker, geologist and much more. There were many … Read More

Michael Bass. M.P.

Not Just a Brewer of Beer Michael Thomas Bass Jr., 1799-1884, was born on July 6th 1799 in Burton upon Trent. His occupation is often listed simply as brewer but he was so much more; his time managing and building the family brewery was just part of a long life where he balanced his work … Read More

Joseph Pickford

Architect of Iconic Buildings. Born in Ashow, Warwickshire in 1734. He may not have been born a son of Derby but he made his life there from a young age and left an lasting impression on the city’s skyline. Many believe he was the first London-trained architect to relocate to the area but, regardless of … Read More