William Duesbury

┬áRoyal Crown Derby’s Founder William Duesbury, who was born on September 7th 1725 at Longton Hall, Staffordshire, started his career in London in 1742 as an enameller and continued in this line of work until he moved back to his home county with his new wife Sarah and began one of Derby’s most iconic brands. … Read More

Rev Thomas Gisborne

An Advocate for Social Rights The Rev Thomas Gisborne was born at Bridge Gate Derby on October 31st 1758 and grew up at the family’s country home of Yoxall Lodge. This privileged upbringing and his position as the eldest son meant that all the wealth and its its subsequent benefits fell to him favourably across … Read More

Dr Percival Willoughby

Observations on Midwifery Dr Percival Willoughby was an unusual medic of his time because of the way that he viewed obstetrics and the treatment of women; a revolutionary “male-midwife” who was one of the first of his kind and went out of his way to see patients and change the profession in radical new ways. … Read More

Reg Parnell

1940’s & 1950’s Racing Driver Reg Parnell, born July 2nd 1911, was a Derby-born man who would make his home city proud from his formative racing days in the 1930s, through his glory days of the 1950s and right up to the day he died in the city at the tragically young age of 52. … Read More

Denny Dennis

The British Bing Ronald Dennis Pountain was born in the city of Derby on November 1st 1913 and while his birth name may not be familiar to too many people, his later stage name and career will have stuck in the memory of many that followed the dance band craze of the thirties and forties. … Read More